On Saturday, May 14th, the Vista Historical Society held their annual meeting and Hall of Fame induction for the class of 2022. The event was held at the Shadowridge Country Club.

The meeting was called to order by Society President Eleanor Hutchins who also led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Society Treasurer Terry Moxley gave the invocation. This was followed by President Hutchins giving a talk about the state of the Vista Historical Society and it's recovery from the pandemic.
Just before the excellent meal was served, Vista Mayor Judy Ritter gave an award of appreciation to Jack and Sharon Larimer for their work at the museum and in serving the Vista community through volunteerism and preserving Vista's rich history.

After the lunch, Master of Ceremonies T.R. Robertson introduced the new Hall of Fame. All the new Hall of Fame members we're introduced speaking first was Doug Gudmundson who spoke about the late Slick Davis and his legendary teams. Next Tom McDougall introduced his sister new Hall of Fame member Sandi Graham. This was followed by Mayor Ritter speaking about Norm Halus and the many volunteer positions that he has held since retiring to Vista.

Then Hall of Fame member Carol Brady spoke about the new Hall of Fame members John and Carol Herrera and the many facets of their lives. Jack Larimer spoke about his mother new Hall of Fame member Adele Larimer and later also on behalf of Dr. John Stadden. The Hall of Fame presentations concluded with Eleanor Hutchins introducing Epi and Virginia Tapia. Epi then spoke about their lives and introduced his 98 year old mother.

After the Hall of Fame presentations elections were held for the Vista Historical Society board of directors. Sandi Graham was re-elected to the board and Carol Herrera was elected for the first time. The meeting was well attended, the food was great, and everyone had a good time.

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