The History of the Vista Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created over 20 years ago and currently has over 60 members.  

The Hall of Fame was created in 1989 as part of Vista Heritage Week, to honor significant people and their achievements that have enriched Vista’s vibrant history. Inductions were made in each of the next three years, ceasing in 1992 and starting again in 1995.  

The Vista Historical Society then received custody of the photographs.  

In early 1994, upon the completion of the Vista Historical Society Museum, the Historical Society began to display the Hall of Fame members photographic portraits in the museum.  

From 1995-2008, new members of the Hall of Fame were chosen by the Historical Society and even-number years. The new members are inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Society’s annual meeting each May or June.  

A maximum of two people (married couples counting as one), living or deceased, are added every even-numbered years.  

In 2007, the Early Residence Division was added on odd-numbered years to include persons who have died at least 20 years previously. 

Since 2016 both divisions are added every year.

Carl Pinamonti 

Tom Ramoss

Bernard Rappaport 

John Slivkoff